Capacity - supporting children, families and communities


Capacity is a policy, research and training body, pledged to promote the needs of young children, their families and communities and to provide strategies to increase social inclusion and to combat poverty.

What we do

A social enterprise, we offer strategic support to statutory bodies and other agencies involved in the creation of services for children and families.

We specialise in:

  • Cross-cutting services for children and families
  • Helping to deliver change where change is needed
  • Developing strategies to increase social inclusion

Our ideas

Capacity is a company limited by guarantee and has no shareholders. It is committed entirely to the interests of children.

Our themes are:

  • Relevance – putting the needs and aspirations of children, families and communities at the heart of services
  • Mutuality – opening up public services to ensure that those who gain from those services can be engaged in decision-making and delivery and creating a new relationship between state, public services and communities
  • Shared resources – recognising the interdependence of individuals, families and communities for the realisation of a more inclusive and just society
  • Learning – as a means of overcoming disadvantage and as a tool for social change